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May 2, 2004

All images, videos, magazines, audio files, and other documents are published here under applicable "fair use" provisions where alleged copyright may exist. In all other cases the images are already in the public domain. This site and its contents are solely for non-commercial educational purposes.

All material that is presented on this website is strictly for the purpose of educating the public about Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Maharaji, Prem Rawat, et al).

Most of the audio reproductions are presented in their entirety in order to be fair and to avoid being accused of excerpting out of context. Thus, the entire context is preserved. This done not as an effort to infringe on the original copyright owner if one does exist, but for the sake of proper context.

Disclaimer: In no way should this website be considered a pro-Prem Rawat website. There is absolutely no intention to deceive anyone as to the intentions of this website. This website's purpose is to educate the public about Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in a fashion that may not be flattering to Prem Rawat. If you are offended by this information then you are asked to simply not view it. It is your choice and your choice alone as to whether you will look at this information and attempt to understand it.

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New Stuff

Ok, there's really not much here that is new. Maybe one day we'll add something new about Guru Maharaji.


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Vintage and new Satsangs given by Maharaji, etc.

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Links - Excellent informational content -Meditation techniques, historical info, etc. - Former Instructor and Inner Circle PAM - Mike Finch
Prem Rawat Critique - Website with information about Maharaji
Guru - A website full of Maharaji stuff - The Life and Career of Prem Rawat
House of Maharaji Drek - Quirky Trivia Relating to Maharaji

Ex-Premie Forums where you can chat and post:

The Prem Rawat Talk Forum - Bulletin Board or Forum for online discussion

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