Guru Maharaj Ji
(aka Maharaji, Prem Rawat, Lord of the Universe)
*** The Audio Files ***

1979 Kissimmee, Florida, November 6, Hans Jayanti

Don't drink the Kool-Aid!
This is some scary stuff with Maharaji in prime form.
If you were there you will re-live the horror of it all by listening to PMT125 (NIGHT).
If you were not there on that Tuesday night you will know that it's a CULT!

Comments from listeners:

I only made it through the first three segments before I started feeling sick to my stomach. I'm not kidding. I had to turn it off.

It's quite amazing. He even makes fun of some ashram sister who had gotten pregnant -- made a joke out of it in front of thousands of people. What a guy.

Age of Darkness
Maharaji creates and fosters dependence
Maharaji creates fear and doubt
Maharaji's childish harangue about 'This World'
Maharaji blasts out of marriage affairs
Have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji
The hopelessness of the illusion and maya
Maharaji at his cruelest - "I didn't get her pregnant"
Just look towards Maharaj Ji
Maharaji's repeated cynicism towards "This World"
There are only broken people in the Court of Maharaji
More of Maharaji's views on fidelity

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