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1979 Kissimmee, Florida, November 6, Hans Jayanti

Don't drink the Kool-Aid!
This is some scary stuff with Maharaji in prime form.
If you were there you will re-live the horror of it all by listening to PMT125 (NIGHT).
If you were not there on that Tuesday night you will know that it's a CULT!

Comments from listeners:

I only made it through the first three segments before I started feeling sick to my stomach. I'm not kidding. I had to turn it off.

It's quite amazing. He even makes fun of some ashram sister who had gotten pregnant -- made a joke out of it in front of thousands of people. What a guy.

Highlights (all WMA):

Age of Darkness (170 KB)
Bongo! (94 KB)
Maharaji creates and fosters dependence (132 KB)
Maharaji creates fear and doubt (158 KB)
Maharaji's childish harangue about 'This World' (607 KB)
Maharaji blasts out of marriage affairs (311 KB)
Have that faith in Guru Maharaj Ji (372 KB)
The hopelessness of the illusion and maya (58 KB)
Maharaji at his cruelest - "I didn't get her pregnant" (393 KB)
Just look towards Maharaj Ji (217 KB)
Maharaji's repeated cynicism towards "This World" (1,866 KB)
There are only broken people in the Court of Maharaji (566 KB)
More of Maharaji's views on fidelity (636 KB)

PMT 125 Side 1 and Side 2 (all WMA):

Side 1a CD quality (4.54 MB WMA)
Side 1b CD quality (4.39 MB WMA)
Side 1c CD quality (5.09 MB WMA)
Side 1d CD quality (4.67 MB WMA)
Side 1e CD quality (2.01 MB WMA)
Side 2a CD quality (4.65 MB WMA)
Side 2b CD quality (3.82 MB WMA)
Side 2c CD quality (6.01 MB WMA)
Side 2d CD quality (4.43 MB WMA)
Side 2e CD quality (1.24 MB WMA)
Side 1a Mono quality (1.45 MB WMA)
Side 1b Mono quality (1.41 MB WMA)
Side 1c Mono quality (1.62 MB WMA)
Side 1d Mono quality (1.49 KB WMA)
Side 1e Mono quality (0.64 KB WMA)
Side 2a Mono quality (0.62 MB WMA)
Side 2b Mono quality (0.51 MB WMA)
Side 2c Mono quality (0.80 MB WMA)
Side 2d Mono quality (0.59 MB WMA)
Side 2e Mono quality (0.17 MB WMA)

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1981 Miami, Florida, January 16, 1981

Hear how the Darkness Prevails! This boy is nutso cuckoo crazy! And we sat there and sucked it up like it was manna from heaven.

Browse folder for more of Maharaji's ranting and raving

1993 Brighton, England Aspirant Satsang

Side A Part 1 Windows Media Audio (1.7MB)
Side A Part 2 Windows Media Audio (1.7MB)
Side B Part 1 Windows Media Audio (1.7MB)
Side B Part 2 Windows Media Audio (1.7MB)

Hear Maharaji talk to aspirants getting them ready to receive Knowledge in this rather screechy and extremely negative satsang where:

"Feeling good is not feeling bad."

Happiness cannot be created situationally, but flying an airplane, his life-long obsession, is ok because he knows the blissful experience is inside of him.

Maharaji talks of miracles like a frog running like a bunny and a monkey being able to drive a car.

Hear Maharaji complain about traffic jams.

Hear Maharaji with his receding hairline and flop hairstyle complain on and on about plastic surgery and the worship of youthful good looks.

Finally, hear Maharaji set up the audience with the ultimate war - The War Between the Heart and the Mind. Yup, there he is with the old saw - The Evil Mind.

Circa 1980 Initiators Giving Satsang in Europe after 5 day Rome Conference

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Hear an international assembly of Maharaji's initiators as they give satsang somewhere in Europe (Rome maybe) after a 5 day "conference" in Rome. Most everyone has the flu and their agonizing coughs are heard throughout the satsangs. It's an epidemic spreading through the premies who are too afraid to simply stay home and get better. No, they are followers until the bitter end. "Never Delay in Attending Satsang" was one of the five commandments.

Hear the initiators talk of their guilt for being sick with the flu and why they think they must be in their minds or their minds are using the opportunity to get the better of them.

Hear the women talk again and again how Maharaji is like their "Daddy".

Hear initiators proclaim that Maharaji is their pal, their daddy, and their lover here.

Hear initiators talk of their hunger and desire for darshan and how it drives them to be darshan vampires here.

Hear songs and sing-alongs. Go back in time and feel it all. It's simply something that you must experience yourself!

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